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Dyck’s Mobile Shrink Wrap offers comprehensive wrapping, unwrapping, boat detailing, and valet services. We protect boats, movie props, and more, ensuring top-notch care and convenience. Enjoy safe towing, launching, and retrieval with our exclusive Boat Valet Service. Trust us for all your wrapping and boat care needs.


Wrap almost anything with Dyck’s Mobile Shrink Wrap for unbeatable protection. Whether it’s your boat needing off-season storage or transport, movie props for safe transit, building shelters, or privacy coverings, we’ve got you covered. Our versatile services ensure whatever you need wrapped stays secure and protected. If you have any questions or need to wrap something not listed here, please reach out to us. We’re here to accommodate all your wrapping needs. 

Boat Detaling

Dyck’s Mobile Shrink Wrap provides top-notch boat detailing services right at your location. Our expert team will meticulously clean, polish, and wax all exterior surfaces, using premium products to protect and enhance your boat’s finish. We ensure your boat looks its best, maintaining its value and aesthetic appeal. With Dyck’s Mobile Shrink Wrap, you can expect professional, convenient, and exceptional boat detailing results every time.


Dyck’s Mobile Shrink Wrap will conveniently attend your location when you want to unwrap your item, and remove all material that was installed at the time of the shrink wrap. Your boat, RV or anything will be left in the state it was before shrink wrapping and all material will be removed. Dyck’s Mobile Shrink Wrap recycles all excess material.

Boat Valet Service

This exclusive service will ensure your boat is towed and launched safely with confidence so you can have a hassle free, worry free adventure on the lake

We will we pick up your trailer and safely tow it to any destination and even launch and pickup boats from the water so you don’t have to worry about a thing.